STIX 1.2

Release Notes

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Core and Components

Schema Version Schema Documentation
Core 1.2 XSD HTML
Common 1.2 XSD HTML
Default Vocabularies 1.2.0 XSD HTML
Data Marking 1.2 XSD HTML
Campaign 1.2 XSD HTML
Course of Action 1.2 XSD HTML
Exploit Target 1.2 XSD HTML
Incident 1.2 XSD HTML
Indicator 2.2 XSD HTML
Report 1.0 XSD HTML
Threat Actor 1.2 XSD HTML


Schema Extension Point Version Schema Documentation
CIQ 3.0 Address 1.2 XSD HTML
CAPEC 2.7 Attack Pattern 1.1 XSD HTML
CIQ 3.0 Identity 1.2 XSD HTML
MAEC 4.1 Malware 1.1 XSD HTML
Simple Marking Marking 1.2 XSD HTML
Terms of Use Marking 1.1 XSD HTML
TLP Marking 1.2 XSD HTML
Generic Structured COA Structured COA 1.2 XSD HTML
Generic Test Mechanism Test Mechanism 1.2 XSD HTML
OpenIOC Test Mechanism 1.2 XSD HTML
OVAL 5.10 Test Mechanism 1.2 XSD HTML
Snort Test Mechanism 1.2 XSD HTML
Yara Test Mechanism 1.2 XSD HTML
CVRF Vulnerability 1.2 XSD HTML

Data Dictionaries

Data dictionaries contain all of the objects and properties in the STIX language. Due to several requests, a data dictionary for OASIS CIQ is also available even though it’s an external specification. All data dictionaries are Excel files.

Profile Templates

Profile templates can be used as a starting point to build your own STIX Profiles. All profile templates are Excel files.