Getting Started

Training and Presentations

For Analysts & Managers

The Analysts & Manager tutorial track will walk you through understanding the STIX data model and how content is expressed in it at a high level. You won't have to deal with XML or Python at all.

STIX Whitepaper

The STIX Whitepaper explains why STIX was developed, what problems it solves, and how it solves those problems. It also goes into detail on the individual components of STIX and how they fit together.

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Analyst Walkthrough (Coming Soon)

The analyst walkthrough will take you through a sample STIX document using the STIXViz tool. It will explain what the different pieces are and how they fit together.

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Analyst Modeling Exercise

How a threat report would be represented in STIX - including relationships and objects.

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For Developers

The Developer tutorial track gets into the nitty gritty of STIX XML and the python-stix APIs that make working with it easier. The analyst tutorials give important context as to why things are the way they are and should be completed first.

Python STIX Getting Started

This guide walks through the basics of working with STIX using the python-stix library. Those working in languages other than Python or not using the libraries should follow the sample walkthrough and authoring tutorial.

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Sample Walkthrough

The sample walkthrough will walk through a sample STIX document at the XML level. It's meant for those working without the python-stix libraries either in other XML tooling or reading raw STIX XML.

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Authoring Tutorial

The authoring tutorial builds on the sample walkthrough to help you produce the content that you've already seen represented. Again, it's meant for those working with XML in non-python-stix tooling or those writing XML by hand.

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