InformationSourceRoleVocab-1.0STIX Vocabularies Schema

The InformationSourceRoleVocab is the default STIX vocabulary for characterizing roles played by given entities as information sources.

Vocabulary Items

Item Description
Initial Author A party acting as the initial author/creator of a set of information.
Content Enhancer/Refiner A party that enhances or refines a preexisting set of information.
Aggregator A party that aggregates multiple different sets of information into one new set of information.
Transformer/Translator A party that transforms or translates a preexisting set of information into a different representation (e.g., translating an unstructured prose threat analysis report into STIX).


Field Name Type Description
@vocab_nameoptional string

The vocab_name field specifies the name of the controlled vocabulary.

@vocab_referenceoptional anyURI

The vocab_reference field specifies the URI to the location of where the controlled vocabulary is defined, e.g., in an externally located XML schema file.