Heads up! These docs are for STIX 1.1.1, which is not the latest version (1.2). View the latest!

ThreatActorBaseTypeSTIX Common Schema

This type represents the STIX Threat Actor component. It is extended using the XML Schema Extension feature by the STIX Threat Actor type itself. Users of this type who wish to express a full threat actor using STIX must do so using the xsi:type extension feature. The STIX-defined Threat Actor type is ThreatActorType in the http://stix.mitre.org/ThreatActor-1 namespace. This type is defined in the threat_actor.xsd file or at the URL http://stix.mitre.org/XMLSchema/threat_actor/1.1.1/threat_actor.xsd.

Alternatively, uses that require simply specifying an idref as a reference to a threat actor defined elsewhere can do so without specifying an xsi:type.


Field Name Type Description
@idoptional QName

Specifies a globally unique identifier for this ThreatActor.

@idrefoptional QName

Specifies a globally unique identifier of a ThreatActor specified elsewhere.

When idref is specified, the id attribute must not be specified, and any instance of this ThreatActor should not hold content.

@timestampoptional dateTime

Specifies a timestamp for the definition of a specific version of a ThreatActor. When used in conjunction with the id, this field is specifying the definition time for the specific version of the ThreatActor. When used in conjunction with the idref, this field is specifying a reference to a specific version of a ThreatActor defined elsewhere. This field has no defined semantic meaning if used in the absence of either the id or idref fields.