Heads up! These docs are for STIX 1.1.1, which is not the latest version (1.2). View the latest!

StructuredCOATypeCourse of Action Schema

The StructuredCOAType enables the specification of an actionable structured representation for the CourseOfAction potentially for automated consumption and implementation.

This type is defined as an abstract type and is intended to be extended using the XML Schema extension mechanism to allow for the expression of a variety of structured COA types. Instance documents representing structured COAs use the xsi:type attribute to specify which implementation of this type they wish to use.

STIX has provided one implementation to allow for the passing of proprietary or externally defined structured courses of action in a CDATA block. This implementation is captured in the Generic Structured COA extension, which provides the GenericStructuredCOAType in the http://stix.mitre.org/extensions/StructuredCOA#Generic-1 namespace. The extension is defined in the extensions/structured_coa/generic.xsd file or at the URL http://stix.mitre.org/XMLSchema/extensions/structured_coa/generic/1.1/generic.xsd.


Field Name Type Description
@idoptional QName

Specifies a unique ID for this StructuredCOA.

@idrefoptional QName

Specifies a reference to the ID for this StructuredCOA specified elsewhere.

When idref is specified, the id attribute must not be specified, and any instance of this StructuredCOA should not hold content.