Heads up! These docs are for STIX 1.1.1, which is not the latest version (1.2). View the latest!

SystemObjectTypeSystem Object Schema

The SystemObjectType type is intended to characterize computer systems (as a combination of both software and hardware).


Field Name Type Description
@object_referenceoptional QName

The object_reference field specifies a unique ID reference to an Object defined elsewhere. This construct allows for the re-use of the defined Properties of one Object within another, without the need to embed the full Object in the location from which it is being referenced. Thus, this ID reference is intended to resolve to the Properties of the Object that it points to.

Custom_Properties0..1 CustomPropertiesType

The Custom_Properties construct is optional and enables the specification of a set of custom Object Properties that may not be defined in existing Properties schemas.

Available_Physical_Memory0..1 UnsignedLongObjectPropertyType

The Available_Physical_Memory field specifies the amount of physical memory available on the system, in bytes.

BIOS_Info0..1 BIOSInfoType

The BIOS_Info field specifies information about the BIOS on the system.

Date0..1 DateObjectPropertyType

The Date field specifies the current date on the system.

Hostname0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Hostname field specifies the hostname of the system.

Local_Time0..1 TimeObjectPropertyType

The Local_Time field specifies the local time on the system.

Network_Interface_List0..1 NetworkInterfaceListType

The Network_Interface_List field specifies the list of network interfaces present on the system.

OS0..1 OSType

The OS field specifies information about the operating system installed on the system.

Processor0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Processor field specifies the name of the CPU used by the system.

Processor_Architecture0..1 ProcessorArchType

The Processor_Architecture field specifies the specific architecture (e.g. x86) used by the CPU of the system.

System_Time0..1 TimeObjectPropertyType

The System_Time field specifies the system, or hardware, time on the system.

Timezone_DST0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Timezone_DST field specifies the time zone used by the system, taking daylight savings time (DST) into account.

Timezone_Standard0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Timezone_Standard field specifies the time zone used by the system, without taking daylight savings time (DST) into account.

Total_Physical_Memory0..1 UnsignedLongObjectPropertyType

The Total_Physical_Memory field specifies the total amount of physical memory present on the system, in bytes.

Uptime0..1 DurationObjectPropertyType

The Uptime field specifies the duration that represents the current amount of time that the system has been up.

Username0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Username field specifies the name of the user currently logged into the system.