IdentityTypeSTIX Common Schema

The IdentityType is used to express identity information for both individuals and organizations.

This type is extended through the xsi:type mechanism. The default type is CIQIdentity3.0InstanceType in the namespace. This type is defined in the extensions/identity/ciq_3.0_identity.xsd file or at the URL

Those who wish to express a simple name may also do so by not specifying an xsi:type and using the Name field of this type.


Field Name Type Description
@idoptional QName

Specifies a unique ID for this Identity.

@idrefoptional QName

Specifies a reference to a unique ID defined elsewhere.

When idref is specified, the id attribute must not be specified, and any instance of this Identity should not hold content.

Name0..1 string

The Name field allows for expression of an identity through a simple name.

Related_Identities0..1 RelatedIdentitiesType

The Related_Identities field identifies other entity Identities related to this entity Identity.