PlatformSpecificationTypeCybOX Common Schema

PlatformSpecificationType is a modularized data type intended for providing a consistent approach to uniquely specifying the identity of a specific platform.

In addition to capturing basic information, this type is intended to be extended to enable the structured description of a platform instance using the XML Schema extension feature. The CybOX default extension uses the Common Platform Enumeration (CPE) Applicability Language schema to do so. The extension that defines this is captured in the CPE23PlatformSpecificationType in the namespace. This type is defined in the extensions/platform/cpe2.3.xsd file.


Field Name Type Description
Description0..1 StructuredTextType

A prose description of the indicated platform.

Identifier0..n PlatformIdentifierType

Indicates a pre-defined name for the given platform using some naming scheme. For example, one could provide a CPE (Common Platform Enumeration) name using the CPE naming format.