ObjectPropertiesTypeCybOX Common Schema

The ObjectPropertiesType is an Abstract type placeholder within the CybOX schema enabling the inclusion of contextually varying object properties descriptions. This Abstract type is leveraged as the extension base for all predefined CybOX object properties schemas. Through this extension mechanism any object instance data based on an object properties schema extended from ObjectPropertiesType (e.g. File_Object, Address_Object, etc.) can be directly integrated into any instance document where a field is defined as ObjectPropertiesType. For flexibility and extensibility purposes any user of CybOX can specify their own externally defined object properties schemas (outside of or derived from the set of predefined objects) extended from ObjectPropertiesType and utilize them as part of their CybOX content.


Field Name Type Description
@object_referenceoptional QName

The object_reference field specifies a unique ID reference to an Object defined elsewhere. This construct allows for the re-use of the defined Properties of one Object within another, without the need to embed the full Object in the location from which it is being referenced. Thus, this ID reference is intended to resolve to the Properties of the Object that it points to.

Custom_Properties0..1 CustomPropertiesType

The Custom_Properties construct is optional and enables the specification of a set of custom Object Properties that may not be defined in existing Properties schemas.