PEExportsTypeWin Executable File Object Schema

The PEExportsType specifies the PE File exports data section. The exports data section contains information about symbols exported by the PE File (a DLL) which can be dynamically loaded by other executables. This type abstracts, and its components, abstract the Windows structures.


Field Name Type Description
Name0..1 StringObjectPropertyType

The Name field specifies the actual name of the PE module, as used by the PE loader when it is imported by another executable.

Exported_Functions0..1 PEExportedFunctionsType

A list of the exported functions in this section.

Exports_Time_Stamp0..1 DateTimeObjectPropertyType

The date and time the export data was created.

Number_Of_Addresses0..1 LongObjectPropertyType

The number of addresses in the export data section's address table.

Number_Of_Names0..1 LongObjectPropertyType

The number of names in the export data section's name table.

Number_Of_Functions0..1 IntegerObjectPropertyType

The Number_Of_Functions field specifies the total number of functions that are exported by the PE file.