Heads up! These docs are for STIX 1.1, which is not the latest version (1.2). View the latest!

InformationSourceTypeSTIX Common Schema

The InformationSourceType details the source of a given data entry.


Field Name Type Description
Description0..1 StructuredTextType

The Description field provides a description of this information source.

Identity0..1 IdentityType

The Identity field is optional and specifies the identity of the information source.

This field is implemented through the xsi:type extension mechanism. The default type is CIQIdentity3.0InstanceType in the http://stix.mitre.org/extensions/Identity#CIQIdentity3.0-1 namespace. This type is defined in the extensions/identity/ciq_identity.xsd file or at the URL http://stix.mitre.org/XMLSchema/extensions/identity/ciq_identity/1.1/ciq_identity.xsd.

Those who wish to express a simple name may also do so by not specifying an xsi:type and using the Name field.

Role0..n ControlledVocabularyStringType

The Role field is optional and enables characterization of the sourcing Role played by this Information Source.

Contributing_Sources0..1 ContributingSourcesType

The Contributing_Sources field is optional and enables description of the individual contributing sources involved in this instance.

Time0..1 TimeType

The Time element is optional and enables description of various time-related attributes for this instance.

Tools0..1 ToolsInformationType

The Tools element is optional and enables description of the tools utilized for this instance.

References0..1 ReferencesType

The References field is optional and enables specification of references to information source material for this instance.