Heads up! These docs are for STIX 1.0, which is not the latest version (1.2). View the latest!

PlanningAndOperationalSupportVocab-1.0STIX Vocabularies Schema

The PlanningAndOperationalSupportVocabType is the default STIX vocabulary for expressing the planning and operational support functions of a threat actor.

Vocabulary Items

Item Description
Data Exploitation
Data Exploitation - Analytic Support
Data Exploitation - Translation Support
Financial Resources
Financial Resources - Academic
Financial Resources - Commercial
Financial Resources - Government
Financial Resources - Hacktivist or Grassroot
Financial Resources - Non-Attributable Finance
Skill Development / Recruitment
Skill Development / Recruitment - Contracting and Hiring
Skill Development / Recruitment - Document Exploitation (DOCEX) Training
Skill Development / Recruitment - Internal Training
Skill Development / Recruitment - Military Programs
Skill Development / Recruitment - Security / Hacker Conferences
Skill Development / Recruitment - Underground Forums
Skill Development / Recruitment - University Programs
Planning - Operational Cover Plan
Planning - Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) Gethering
Planning - Pre-Operational Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Planning - Target Selection


Field Name Type Description
@vocab_nameoptional string

The vocab_name field specifies the name of the controlled vocabulary.

@vocab_referenceoptional anyURI

The vocab_reference field specifies the URI to the location of where the controlled vocabulary is defined, e.g., in an externally located XML schema file.